Host Your Event At Hopsters

Hopsters offers your guests an amazing experience brewing the beer they love.

Whether it’s a sales meeting, product launch, team building or client appreciation event, Hopsters is the place for you.

Whether with friends, co-workers or going solo, Hopsters delivers a unique adventure and experience, unlike any other brewpub. Our Award Winning Brewers will help you choose your ingredients to handcraft your beer.

Whether for team building, a holiday party, or celebrating a milestone, find an activity the entire office will enjoy is a challenge. At Hopsters, we make it easy with our custom beer brewing corporate events in Boston, because who doesn’t like beer?

This is a unique and fun experience that your employees and co-workers will love. We design our Boston beer brewing corporate events for everyone, no matter your level of beer making knowledge. We have a knowledgeable staff of experienced brewers on hand that are willing to help your team during any step of the process.

The most important part when brewing a quality beer is the ingredients. We supply high-quality ingredients including barley, grains, yeast, and hops. We also have a selection of flavorful spices, adjuncts, and more to create complex aromas.

When the process is over, we contact your party to return and bottle your creations. We offer customized labeling for your bottles, a perfect place to include your company’s logo. After you receive your customized craft beers, bring them back to the office to continue the team bonding.
Our beer brewing team building activity is a unique way for members of your team to bond. For a friendly competition, we recommend that you pit small teams against each other to see who can make the best craft beer. At Hopsters, you have the availability to brew up to 10 kettles. That means you can have 10 small teams involved. It’s also fun for those who don’t enjoy beer as well. Just experiencing the artistry involved in creating something unique can be fun for all.

For the employees that would rather drink the beer than make it, we offer a selection of some of the finest craft beers and IPAs in the area. Pair your beverage with our delicious cuisine and the show of your co-workers trying to become master brewers.

Hopsters is great for work events such as holiday parties, celebrating milestones, or just as a team building activity. Contact us for more information about our beer brewing corporate events in Boston.


Event Pricing

Our corporate event rate for brewing starts at $125 per person, which includes us bottling, custom labeling, and delivering the beer to your office in MA when ready.

Every planned event is unique, so we are very flexible with responding to your needs and customizing the space and time for your guests. Once you make a booking request, our event coordinator will contact you to customize your event.​

The Hopsters Experience

Since we opened in 2013 we have had 22,000 guests brew beer with us. Some of our guests are experienced home brewers, the vast majority are not, however they have all taken away an experience that enhances their connection with their community and local craft beer.

Choose Your Style

We have 30+ craft brew recipes to suit your specific beer palate. Choose your favorite style!


Measure and Brew

Gather all ingredients to begin the brewing process. Then begin your brew with our guidance!


Eat and Drink

Enjoy the relaxed brewpub with local signature cocktails and 20 rotating craft beers on tap at a fully functioning restaurant.


Design Your Label

Printed labels are ready for when you return to bottle 3 cases of your very own custom craft brew.

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